Local Flava: John B ft. NSG – Light Speed (Radio Mix)

Some of you might wander why a John B tune is listed under local flava when he’s actually from the UK. The reason is because of his collaborator in this tune NSG. This is not the first time that this MC/producer NSG who is Indonesian featured in this blog. Previously we mentioned him in his collaboration with Indonesian female hip-hop mc Yacko in her track Brrapp! and also his online collaboration video that went viral on youtube.

Now that we got that out of the way, Light Speed is the tittle track from John B’s 4th album. It got all of John B’s trademark sound of big room trance that gives you euphoric and uplifting vibe blended expertly in drum’n’bass format. Basically the currently trendy techy/trancy sound of drum & bass owes a lot to this man. John B’s sound is definitely not for everyone. Many drum & bass purist have accuse him of stirring drum & bass too far away from its root. That’s what purist are though, always afraid of changes. As for me, I love the idea of drum & bass incorporating other style. The more the merrier. Variety is the spice of live ain’t it?

John B’s Light Speed is out now on Beta Recordings and available at Beatport.

John B – Light Speed feat. NSG (radio mix)

John B // Light Speed (Preview Clips)

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