Calvertron – R U Ready?

Drum step is this new sub genres that I paid attention to more and more. It’s basically the bastard child of dubstep and drum’n’bass. In this sub genre we find both the dnb and dubstep producer mixing it up and going toe to to in the production side. Calvertron came from the dubstep side and lately he’s been producing some monster drumstep tunes. R U Ready? is perfect example of this, utilizing that stutter bassline made famous by the likes of High Rankin while alternating with sweeping formant filter made popular by Skrillex, running at perfect half-speed of your favorite d’n’b tunes. On its own, it can easily be mistaken as dubstep tune but if you hear them in the middle of dnb set, it gives’ em a raw and filthy energy!.

Calvertron – R U Ready? [128k]

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