Radiohead – Supercollider

As we all know, with subsequent releases Radiohead has been getting more and more into the IDM teritories. Long gone are the day when they release an angst ridden guitar tune. Their latest album Kings of Limbs were either loved or hated by its audience and now that it’s been confirmed that there will be no King Of Limbs pt.2, all Radiohead fans has come to accept the fact that there will be no new Radiohead mayerials in a long while. Fortunately, Radiohead just dropped a single titled Supercollider. Unfortunaly it’s only release as a limited edition vinyl in the UK only. They’re all sold out and supposedly available in e-bay at up to $100. So here’s a digital copy of it. Download it while you can.

Radiohead – Supercollider [128k] removed by request

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