Goose – Synrise (Paul Chambers remix)

‘Synrise’ is a non-stop elevation into something new and extraordinary for Goose. Moving down a few pegs from the intensity of ‘Bring It On’, but still keeping you on your feet, the title track is something special. Now darker and deeper than before, Goose have moved away from the heavy hitting party sound of 2006, into a new matured and calculated dance sound. With the release of the track comes the chance to remix, and having got to know Paul Chambers over last years festival season, and being pretty blown away by his track “Yeah, Techno!”, it seemed only right that he would take up the stand.

Paul has reworked the track into a whole new sound, combining the dance pop aspects and throwing in some of his intense techno loops and beats, creating a cacophony of sheer club beauty. The samples of Peaches give the whole track a nice smooth centre to help take down the gritty basslines, but leaves you gagging for more. This remix is what makes Goose special, the ability to have a track remixed into something so heavy, but still be able to come out at the end of it with a continuosly banging original. This is dancing like it used to be.

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