Codebreaker – The Space Chase

Codebreaker a.k.a. Steven Hawley and Sage Schwarm are electronic duo that has creates anthemic electric and criminally infectious beat. With influence as varied as The Clash, Space, Roots Radics, Tears For Fears, Chocolate Milk, Global Communication, The Beach Boys, The Time, Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Wuf Ticket, Robby Love Feat. Charlotte Mckinnon, Demon, Salt Tank, Harold, Vangelis, Marc Gauvin, Roger S, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, Pet Shop Boys, Cyber People + More they’ve put together their effort in an LP titled “The Space Chase

The result is a blend of disco funk with modern touch and future classic dance anthem. Upon listening to the LP for the first time, I instantly got hooked to it and been listening to it continuously since. I can’t pick a single favorite because the whole thing is just great as a whole. This LP is definitely something worth checking out.

Similar acts include the likes of Miami Horror, Faze Action, Bottin and others who has championed the nu-disco sound.

You can preview the entire album at URB‘s website or here. For more info about Codebreaker, you can check out their blog.

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