MSTRKRFT is the master of their own destiny

After staying quite for a while, our favorite Canadian dj/producer duo is back on the production side. Here’s a couple tunes that will remind you why MSTRKRFT was the darling of the nurave/indie dance crowd. First is a remix of Laidback Luke’s Till Tonight that starts of like typical Laidback Luke production until the swirling lead kicks in and drive the tune into its apex, guaranteeing hands in the air moment anywhere and anytime you hear this tune. The second one is a cheeky remix of The A-Team’s theme. This one is truer to MSTRKRFT sound with its distorted guitar sounding lead and its more rock based composition. All I can say, MSTRKRFT is back!


Laidback Luke – Till Tonight (MSTRKRFT remix) [128k]
MSTRKRFT – The A-Team Theme (Face mix) [128k]

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