Step Toe

This is why I stop following genre’s name. After dubstep and all of its variants then now along comes half step which is supposedly like drum’n’bass but at half its speed. I have no problem with new sounds but please stop giving new name for every little variations invented. Enough ranting and back to the music. As one of the early proponent of liquid drum’n’bass, Calibre has never shy away from experimentation. Earlier, he flirts with the idea of infusing house with drum’n’bass and eventually settled with the sound we’ve associated with Calibre. Now his next experiment is the form of “Step Toe”, a half speed wobble induced d’n’b if you can still call it that. I believe that half step is gonna be next big thang among d’n’b djs out there.

Calibre myspace

Calibre – Step Toe

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