Move Higher

Sub Focus, the current drum’n’bass it producer has just released his self titled debut album. The album is a pleasant surprice as he was not content with just giving you drum’n’bass anthem one after another, instead there are a fwe nice down tempo tunes along with couple dub step tunes and my current favorite house tune at the moment “Move Higher”. Going along the line of DJ Zinc’s crack house sound, the track opens up with some old skool funky breaks followed with some dreamy rave stab that reminds you of the early days of jungle. Then when the bass drop, we’re treated with bouncy wobble bass on top of groovin’ four on the floor house beat. It was quite a surprise for me to hear such killer house banger from this drum’n’bass top producer. I once read in a page of computer music magazine and it stated that drum’n’nbass is one of the most complex genre to produce, resulting in its practitioner becoming one of the most versatile and technically adept producer. Sub Focus just emphasized that statement.

Sub Focus myspace

Sub Focus – Move Higher

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