Lloyd Popp x DJ Flame “Memanggil Lloyd Popp”

What really bring joy to my life is when I can work with a creative minded person or finding and breeding new talent. That’s why we decided to build Rap Superstar from sketch. With hope can breed new talent with creative mind.

But this kid Lloyd Popp, he’s kind of both sided for me. Something’s up with Pisces mind. He is a creative person, and also consider new talent that I met half a year ago.

We did couple of tracks before Freesouls had “Rap Superstar” with the hope can release a mixtape or so, but everything didn’t really fall in the place because my time management, I’m really sorry Lloyd.

This track “Memanggil Lloyd Popp” is a track that we built based on his inspiration, which was Parliament / Funkadelic type of sounds. Stacked layers of 90’s sound drums, Moog Voyager lead synth, a happy mood, with a twisted wordplay, this track definetly one of my favorite self-produced track.

Thank you Lloyd Popp for the creative mind.

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