Switch is holding on

Switch a.k.a. Dave Taylor is one of those producers that totally inspires me. I started following his work when he was still under his alias Solid Groove. But he totally hits the bonker level when he started Swith with Trevor Loveys. Now, Switch is just Dave Taylor and it couldn’t be any better.

This time around he tackle sanother track from indie dance darling “Hot Chip (Over and Over was remixed by him under his Solid Groove alias)”. He provide us with two different remixes. The LA and LDN remix are two contrasting styles, yet never strayed too far from Dave Taylor trademark sound. If it’s up to me, I’d rather call the LA mix as Switch remix with its quirky breakdowns and edits that has become staple in Switch’s production, while the LDN mix renamed as Solid Groove remix due to it’s groovin’ and jackin’ sound.

I like them both and each one of them have their place in my typical DJ sets. Well, I should just let you decide which one you prefer.

Switch myspace
Hot Chip myspace

Hot Chip – Hold On (Switch LDN mix) [Zshare]
Hot Chip – Hold On (Switch LA mix) [Zshare]

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