Super Neon Bros mix for download

Our dynamic duo DJ Lawrence and DJ Flame
created this mix couple of months ago,
please do enjoy!


Track List:
1. Atlantis to Interzone – Klaxons
2. We are your friends – justice vs Simian
3. Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ to Fuck With (Bird Peterson Remix) – Wu-tang Clan
4. B.o.o.t.a.y. (Krames remix) – Banger & Cash
5. Bojangles (Tittsworth Remix) – Pitbull
6. Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (ESTAW’s Koochy Lips Fix) – Pase Rock
7. Way We Are [Crookers Remix] – Timbaland
8. Sound of The Police (krames remix) – KRS-One
9. C’mon Baby (DJ Beware Remix) – Saigon
10. Move Bitch (DJ Neoteric Remix) – Ludacris
11. Thriller (Bird Peterson Remix) – Michael Jackson
12. The Whistler (DJ Assault Remix) – Claude Von Stroke
13. Trina700 (Trina Kills Xtended Edit) – Mr. Oizo
14. Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Hrdvision Remix) – M.I.T.C.H ft. Feadz & Uffie
15. Trees (Spankrock Remix) – Dr. Octagon
16. Noise Won’t Stop (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) – Shy Child
17. Cornhulio – Super Neon Bros
18. Titts’ Diner (Tom’s Diner Remix) – Suzanne Vega
19. Don’t Stop The Music (Rock Steady Drew MJ2 Bass Mix) – Rihanna
20. Funky Cold – Super Neon Bros

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